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The staff members at the Future Scholars Child Care & Learning Center in El Paso, TX believe in supporting each child’s individuality and personality. Children are encouraged to express themselves through several outlets and to develop their own unique talents and interests.

A variety of age appropriate games and programs are provided for the children throughout the day. Here at the Future Scholars Child Care & Learning Center your children will be allowed and encouraged to make their own choices.

Personal, social, and emotional development is vitally important to children because it allows them to develop their confidence and sense of "self." This will be something that they’ll use throughout their lives, and so it’s a fundamental life skill. Giving children the opportunity to learn these skills young will help them build up their resilience.

Learning how to communicate is also a vital skill for people to have. The Future Scholars Child Care & Learning Center encourages and teaches children how to communicate through language, body language, and literacy. This will give them the ability to express themselves and socialize.

Physical development it crucial for keeping children fit and healthy. Teaching children to stay fit and healthy is very important in today’s current world. Keeping fit and healthy can also help keep some conditions and illnesses away. At Future Scholars Child Care & Learning Center, the children are provided with various games to do this, such as:

• Tag
• Playing with a parachute
• Provide a climbing frame
• Playing with skipping ropes
• Ladder climbing (with supervision)

Teaching children important skills is a task that is taken very seriously at the Future Scholars Child Care & Learning Center. If parents have any suggestions or queries on the curriculum you are welcome to voice and discuss them, as you know your children better than anyone else. Sign your children up today at the best learning center in town!

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